Franco + Abby

Franco found me through my former photography brand, DoublClik. I've continued to leave my old page open encouraging fans to take the bridge over to AndiAndrea, but it has been months since I've been written over in that neck of the woods--to say the least, it caught me by surprise to have a message in the ol' DoublClik inbox. It surprised me even more that it was my oldest work from 2-3 years ago that made him want to book me. As I realized on our phone call that it was my work with my first Canon T1i that he was looking at, I was embarrassed and flattered at the same time. After I got Franco and Abby on the right track with my new facebook page and website I couldn't wait to meet them in person. Abby had specifically said "sweet vintage" when I asked her to describe her perfect engagement session. I immediately thought of what I call...and only I call..."Jane Austen Park." Rolling hills, bridges, and a patch of forest, it's a beautiful backdrop to showcase the sweetest love. Take a listen to the tune that'll take you right to Jane Austen park, and scroll on.

Looking forward to their November wedding!