Canadian Boutique | "Heatwave" Campaign

When I first met with Cristy, founder of the Canadian Boutique, she had about 20 outfits freshly imported from Canada to Mexico, ready to photograph and sell. Instead of treating this as a catalog project, shooting tops and skirts against a white wall, I looked at the hung pieces and immediately began to separate them into looks. Stripes...animal prints...patterns...solids...showing that each of these looks, are potential marketing campaigns. We decided to start with a "safari desert" collection as an August adios to summer. It was a creative high to have such a hand in the campaign, including designing the promos in post, and giving the official names for all the items : "Wild Child Crop Top" and "Sneaky Snake Leggings" just to name a couple quorky faves. Here are some of my favorite desert mirage looks from the first campaign: Heatwave. 

Heatwave Campaign by AndiAndrea